Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am leaving in a few hours for a much needed vacation in Italy. I'm very excited to finally meet in person Botticelli's Venus and Michelangelo's David, and see all the places I've studied about in the past year.

I will be in Rome for a day, and then a week in Tuscany. So if you know some nice places to go, see and shop, I would love to read your recommendations, as it has been far too long since my last visit to Italy.

I hope I will have the time to update the blog from there, but if not, have a great weekend and see you when I'll get back!


(Roman Holiday; The Talented Mr. Ripley, La Dolce Vita)


Maverick Malone said...

Gorgeous photos...makes me want to see Europe. Have fun :D

xox, mavi

MirandaJ said...

I am on my way to Rome.....any tips from your trip?

sharon said...

Hi Miranda,
(I hope you will see this on time) unfortunately, I spent only one day in Rome, because I was mostly in Tuscany, so of course I went to the the touristy places such as the Vatican, the Spanish steps and Fontana di Trevi... I Didn't do any shopping, so I can't help you with that.

Rome is so amazing, just by walking through it's streets or taking the bus. I am sure you will love it.

Have lots of fun! :))